Comprehensive business solutions
for corporate communications

Flexible, effective and easy-to-use mobile applications
for informing, motivation and attendees’ activities monitoring
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Challenges we turn into opportunities

Focus on business content not on logistics. Make attendees feel comfortable, involved and positive.

Interactive schedule
Venue maps and floor plans
Participants, speakers and logistics information
Materials, presentations, instructions
Country & city guides
Instant notification of changes


Interactions with speakers and organization team
Acquaintance service, chats and voting
Knowledge assessment, hidden tests
Formal and informal feedback


Rewarding with bonus points for activities
Embedded individual and team business tasks
“E-currency” for events and programs
Achievements tracking and visualization


Instant individual and team activities tracking and statistics
Activities, team spirit... even emotion analysis!
Customized reporting for HR and marketing specialist


Logistics simplification
Quick response to any changes
Instant attendees notifications
Responding to audience requests and preferences

User-friendly interface of any app

Stylish and ergonomic. Simple and flexible.

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Our products

Apps for all kinds of corporate communication.
Events, sales support, employee development.

More than 700 projects all over the world

We have run more than 700 events in 40 countries all over the world.

Our products can empower marketing and people development programs, conferences, incentive trips, PR actions, social responsibility programs.

We produce handy and flexible communication systems for employees and event attendees. We develop interactive business games and simulations for attendees involvement and development.


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